University of San Carlos (USC) is a Catholic educational institution administered since 1935 by Society of the Divine Word (SVD) missionaries.  Being one of the oldest universities in the country, USC is in need of a makeover to make itself relevant in today’s day and age. To discard the old seal in favor of something new is something that I have considered, but this is a century old institution. To discard its seal, is to discard the university’s educational aspirations, and its long history. That is my greatest challenge as a designer.
Tradition. Elegance. Familiarity
Tradition. Elegance. Familiarity. Legibility were the parameters I have set based on the research and information I have gathered. Considering its history, all the important elements should also remain intact. The solution was to retain the seal with its important elements for familiarity while taking out the text and made it into the logotype, for legibility. This will help create a visual identity system for USC to use in the decades to come.
The New identity and the different identity Systems
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